Black Denim Press, LLC welcomes thoughtful writers, new and established. Open to genre fiction but favor “Literary, Non-Genre” & “Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” The Press publishes work longer than 17500 words. For shorter work, please see Black Denim Lit magazine.

Why “Black Denim”…? In work clothes, black denim is a less pretentious than khaki and more understated than blue jeans. This typifies the tone of writing style that appeals to us: grounded, approachable and unassuming. Don’t get us wrong–bring the grit, complexity, humor and strength. We look at a lot of genre work after all. But our tastes consider that “lasting artistic merit” can emerge from almost anywhere.

Black Denim Press welcomes thoughtful writers, new and established. Without entering into a debate as to what qualifies as “literary,” we are looking for query letters and sample chapters for fiction works over 17,500 words that has unique and lasting artistic merit.